Introducing a powerful application that
leverages artificial intelligence to originate small business loans

Originating small business loans requires banks to undergo an expensive, time-consuming and error-prone process of vetting applicants’ historical financial information. Beta Financial services' proprietary algorithm decisions loans in a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional approach, while also improving predictiveness.

Reduce Decisioning Time

According to the Federal Reserve, small businesses spend an average of 25 hours preparing documents for loan applications. Banks then spend an average of 4-6 weeks evaluating loan applications. Beta Financial Services automates this work, reducing the time required to complete and evaluate loans from months, to minutes.

Decrease Costs

Gathering and vetting financial documentation for accuracy is a huge cost driver. Through our use of 3rd party data providers, Beta Financial Services is designed to collect an even greater breadth of information while avoiding the high cost of manual collection and evaluation.

Improve Predictiveness

Our algorithm removes human bias by employing only the most rigorous statistical analysis in decisioning loan applications. As a result, our scoring of applicants more accurately determines ability and likelihood of repayment, reducing average default rates.

How It Works

We’re able to achieve time, cost and predictiveness improvements by focusing on automating data collection and analysis, work that is typically performed by the applicant or the bank.

  • Your Customers

    Engage with your customers online and in-branch by using our smart, easy-to-navigate loan application and decisioning platform.

  • Application Process

    Rather than ask your customers to provide their detailed financial history, we instead ask them for permission to access their detailed financial history from 3rd party data providers. As a result, our application takes minutes to complete.

  • Loan Decision

    We evaluate the applicant’s risk profile by using a decisioning model derived from analyzing the credit profiles of 10s of thousands of small businesses with a primary goal of determining—statistically—what factors are most correlated to the likelihood of default. Our highly data-based approach improves loan decision accuracy.

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